2014 SPP Autopsy Survey for Perinatal and Pediatric Autopsy

SPP members,

I don't know if all of you saw the article in Archives about a year ago regarding effort in autopsy, but the conclusion was that most perinatal autopsies take less time than those performed on adults. While the SPP has written a response to the article written by Sinard, the Practice Committee would like to perform a prospective study of its membership. I have attached a log sheet to complete with each autopsy you perform (one per autopsy if an attending and trainee are involved) and would like you to return it to me via email or fax, 612 813-7721 (please include a cover sheet with my name on it if faxed). The study will last six months and at the end hopefully there will be meaningful data that can be compiled regarding effort for both perinatal and pediatric autopsy. Autopsies performed from January 15th through July 15th should be included.

The survey was discussed at the SPP council meeting, and although there was some concern that it would contain bias, the recommendation was to conduct the survey and assess results. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


M. Cristina Pacheco, MD
Practice Committee Chair
612 813-6711

Autopsy Log Sheet (Word format)

Autopsy Log Sheet (PDF format)