Distinctions and Awards Committee

Thirty two abstracts were presented at the SPP Fall meeting in Banff: 16 platform presentations and 16 posters. Seventeen were presented by a trainee and were eligible for the Gordon F. Vawter Pathologist-in-Training Award, 5 had electron microscopy or novel technologies and qualified for the Harry B. Neustein Memorial Award and 15 qualified for the Perinatal Award based on their content.

Dr. Jeremy K. Deisch from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX, won the Gordon F. Vawter Award for his presentation entitled "Immunohistochemical Expression of SALL4 in Wilms Tumors, Nephrogenic Rests, and Fetal and Postnatal Rental Cortices", by J. Deisch, J. Raisamen, and D. Rakheja.

Dr. Kyle C. Kurek from Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, was the recipient of the Harry B. Neustein Memorial Award for his study "Loss-Of-Function Mutations In PTPN11 Are Responsible For The Hereditary Bone Tumor Syndrome Metachondromatosis" by M. Bowen, E.D. Boyder, IA Holm, B. Campos-Xavier, L. Bonafe, S. Ikegawa, V. Cormier-Daire, S. Savarirqayan, S. de Sousa, H.P. Kozakewich, J.R. Kasser, M.L. Warman and K.C. Kurek.

The Perinatal Award was given to Dr. William T. Parks from Magee-Women's Hospital, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, for his study "LAIR2-Positive Extravillous Trophoblast Migrate to the Implantation Site and Invade Maternal Decidual Vessels" by L.N. Nguyen, S. Founds, and W.T. Parks.

The editors of Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology donated 3 copies of Volume 27 which were given to: (1) Dr. B. Fitzgerald from Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON, runner up for the Gordon F. Vawter Award with the study "Pale Avascular Villi Provide Insights Into The Pathogenesis of Placental Fibrinoid Deposition" by B. Fitzgerald, D. Baczyk, M. Walker, P. Shannon, J. Kingdom, S. Keating; (2) Dr. Garry W. Mierau from The Children's Hospital, Aurora, CO, runner up for the Harry B. Neustein award with the study "Comparative Evaluation of Specimen Collection Methods For Ultrastructural Diagnosis Of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Syndrome" by L. Goin, E.P. Wartchow, G.W. Mierau; and (3) Dr. Linda M. Ernst from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, runner up for the Perinatal Award with the study "Maternal Serum C-Reactive Protein In The Second And Third Trimester: Correlations With Placental Inflammation At Delivery" by L.M. Ernst, K. Wolfe, W.A. Grobman, J.L. Hall, A.E.B. Borders.

The Resident Recruitment Award, which was established by the Society for Pediatric Pathology in 2002 to encourage pathology residents to consider a career in Pediatric Pathology, was given to Dr. Karen Chisholm from Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, CA. Applicants compete with single page, free-format submissions addressing the question "What's so special about pediatric pathology?", and the Society pays for the winner's travel expenses to attend the SPP Fall Meeting. Ten outstanding submissions were received this year. Please click here to view Dr. Chisholm's winning entry.

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