Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Committee

The committee members conducted business by e mail and prepared a draft of by laws revisions as recommended by Council at the Spring 2010 meeting. The discussion of the draft was tabled at the Fall 2010 Council meeting in Banff with the decision to have the members look over the draft, suggest changes and discuss them at a later Electronic meeting. The final draft if accepted would be circulated to the membership before the Spring 2011 meeting. All members in good standing are encouraged to attend.

The proposed changes are itemized below. They have been approved by the Society's Council and will be presented and voted upon at the annual business meeting on Saturday, February 26, at 5 P.M. in Salon C of the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, TX.




Section 1. Types of Membership

a. Regular Membership, in the third paragraph, last sentence:
Move the period inside the parentheses, correcting a typographical error.
e. Junior Membership, first sentence:
Delete: "who are actively engaged in formal training in"
Add: "actively engaged in education or postgraduate training with an interest in pediatric"
Delete, in 4th sentence: "They may submit abstracts for presentation at scientific meetings of the Society."
Delete, in 5th sentence: "When Junior Members have completed their training, it is their responsibility to notify the Secretary of the Society and request Regular or Affiliate membership in order to remain as members."
Added as the 5th sentence: "Appointments to Junior Memberships shall commence on the date the application is approved, and continue until the next July 1, at which time they shall expire unless the junior member provides documentation of his/her continued status as a student or trainee."



Section 7. Education Committee

b. Duties, 2, 1st sentence
Delete: "Evaluate abstracts and a"
Add and began 1st sentence with: "A".
Add, 1st sentence: "other" after the word "in".

Section 10. Distinctions and Awards Committee

a. Composition, last sentence: Change "Education" to "Research".
b. Duties
Add as number 3: "Manage selected society awards, including publicizing, soliciting nominations, assessing eligibility, judging submissions, and announcing award winners, as needed."
Added number 4 becomes the prior number 3: "Provide suitable plaques and/or certificates for presentation to recipients of awards."

Section 13. Research Committee

b. Duties
Add as number 10: "Evaluate abstracts for the Society's scientific meeting."

Section 15. Fellowship Evaluation Committee

The word "Evaluation" is deleted, changing the name to "Fellowship Committee"
a. Composition, second sentence
Add: the word "ordinarily", is added after the word "Members".
Add as the third sentence: "The President may extend the term of a committee member as necessary to maintain staggered terms."
b. Duties
Delete: The following duties:

  1. Develop and maintain a voluntary program for evaluation and ongoing monitoring of training programs in pediatric pathology.
  2. Establish standards for the evaluation of such training programs.
  3. Maintain records of program evaluations.
  4. Provide feedback to participating program directors regarding program deficiencies and make recommendations for improvements.
  5. Interact with appropriate external agencies and committees regarding issues of program accreditation in pediatric pathology.
  6. Collate content and output of existing training programs, define a core curriculum for training in pediatric pathology and make recommendations for meeting projected manpower requirements.

Add: The following duties:
  1. Interact with appropriate external agencies and committees regarding issues relating to accreditation of fellowship programs in pediatric pathology.
  2. Interact with appropriate accrediting and certifying agencies to define a core curriculum for education and training in pediatric pathology.
  3. Interact with certifying agencies and programs to assess the outcome of training in pediatric pathology, as measured by subspecialty certification and employment.
  4. Facilitate communication regarding requirements for accreditation and certification, innovation and best-practice methodology in education, and other useful information among fellowship programs and program directors.
  5. Participate in the development of activities to enhance educational opportunities for trainees in pediatric pathology.
  6. Assist the Society in raising the visibility of pediatric pathology as a subspecialty choice among medical students and residents considering fellowships.
  7. Assist in recruiting new trainees in pediatric pathology into the Society and its activities.
  8. Assist the Society in matching the production of new trainees in pediatric pathology to the evolving manpower needs of the field.



Section 3. Financial Report
In the first sentence: the words, "or his/her designee", are added after the word, "Treasurer".

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