Report from the Distinctions and Awards Committee

Our committee granted four awards during the Spring meeting, held in Baltimore, Maryland, March 2-3. The Gordon Vawter award was given to Dr. Matthew M. Cain from the University of Alabama for his abstract and platform presentation entitled “Development of novel software to generate anthropometric norms at perinatal autopsy.” His co-authors are Joseph Siebert and Ona Faye-Peterson. Dr. Cain is a resident at the University of Alabama.

The Harry Neustein award was given to Dr. Csaba Galambos, of Children's Hospital Colorado, for his abstract and platform presentation entitled “In utero embryonic intracardiac injection under biomicroscopy guidance: a cutting edge technology to study embryonic lung development in vivo.” His co-authors are Drs. Zhang, Sims-Lucas, Paredes, Malek, Potoka and Gittes.

The Enid Gilbert-Barness Prize was awarded to Dr. Sharon M. Geaghan, from Stanford University School of Medicine, for her review article published in Clinical Chemistry, entitled “Fetal laboratory medicine: On the frontier of maternal-fetal medicine.”

Dr. Robyn C. Reed won the Lotte Strauss Prize for her paper entitled “Symmetrical peripheral gangrene in four pediatric cardiac surgery patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.” Robyn hails from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Distinguished Colleague Awards were given to Sara Vargas, for her services as Secretary-Treasurer and to Rob Ruiz for his contributions to our Society’s website. They were presented by 2012-2013 President Linda Margraf.

The committee has the pleasure of announcing that the Society will offer three Resident Recruitment Awards for this coming fall. Also, the amount of the Neustein Award will increase to $500, to be at parity with the Vawter and Perinatal Awards.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda L. Waters, MD
Distinction and Awards Committee

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