Society for Pediatric Pathology Education Committee News

The 2012 SPP Spring Meeting received very good to excellent evaluations in the categories of overall meeting, symposium (overall and individual speakers), platform sessions, poster discussions, workshops and Farber-Landing lecture.

Although evaluations for the 2012 Fall Meeting are not yet finalized, the overall impression from talking to participants was that of a very successful meeting in all regards. I wish to extend my personal thanks and that of the entire Education Committee to Karen Eldin and her colleagues in Houston for putting together a wonderful meeting.

The 2013 Spring Meeting on March 2-3, 2013 in Baltimore, MD promises to be another excellent meeting. A Joint SPP and American Society of Dermatopathology (ASDP) Symposium entitled “Update on Cutaneous Melanocytic, Mesenchymal and Lymphoproliferative Lesions in Children,” will be co-directed by Jennifer Black (SPP) and Victor Prieto (ASDP) and will be held Sunday afternoon, March 3, 2013, from 1:30 - 5:00 p.m. Although we were locked into the ASDP time slot, which may be less convenient for our members than the usual Saturday afternoon time, the Council and Education Committee felt the topic was timely and important enough to warrant the change and possible inconvenience. Two new workshops will be offered at the 2013 Spring Meeting: “Disorders of Histiocytes,” presented by Drs. Kudikwashe Chikwava and Ronald Jaffe, and “The Frozen Section: Diagnosis and Pitfalls,” presented by Drs. Aliya Hussein and Arey Perry. All workshops will be moved to Sunday morning to accommodate the symposium on Sunday afternoon.

Slide Survey:
The changes in format that were made to the 2011 Slide Survey to accommodate new AMA requirement that providers set and document a passing score prior to awarding CME credit for an activity seemed to work well. This format was continued for 2012 and will be used for future Slide Surveys. A multiple choice Diagnostic List is offered for each case (rather than free-text diagnosis entry), followed by the usual three (3) multiple choice questions per case. Rob Ruiz successfully implemented this format on-line, including immediate feedback regarding the percentage correct following submission of answers. Participants are allowed to re-submit answers after additional study, or after release of the slide survey discussion booklets, in order to achieve a passing score.

In an effort to have cases prepared one year ahead of release, a “task force” of writers was created, to complement the efforts of the regular members of the Slide Survey Subcommittee. Megan Dishop invited individuals to write one or more cases. The Education Committee would like to extend its thanks to all of the regular members of the Slide Survey Subcommittee and to the invited writers who have helped move production ahead.

As a reminder, cases are always needed. SPP members can submit a case without the burden of writing it up and all are encouraged to submit their interesting, unusual and/or classic cases. To submit a case, please contact:
Megan K. Dishop MD, Slide Survey Chair
Department of Pathology, B120
The Children’s Hospital
13123 E. 16th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80045
Email: megan.dishop@childrenscolorado.org

Many administrative functions for the SPP’s CME program had been assumed by Candace Spradley, Director of Education at USCAP. Candace did a superb job, and her efforts were an enormous help to both the EC Chair and the CME Coordinator. Kia Gray was hired in August as the new Director of Education, following Candace’s resignation. While we will miss Candace greatly, we welcome Kia and look forward to working with her on future CME activities.

The Fall Symposium, Perinatal Symposium and COG Update were approved for SAM credits. Eileen McKay assigned core competencies to each of these activities. Notably, all six (6) core competencies were addressed by these activities combined, although not every individual activity addresses all six (6) core competencies.

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