Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee has continued to have "open meetings" so that program directors, fellows and any other interested parties can participate in the Committee's discussions. The Fall meeting of the Committee will be 2:00-3:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 29, in the Mirror Room of the Pfister Hotel.

The discussion at the Spring meeting, February 25, in San Antonio, was dominated by discussion of the proposed revised ACGME program requirements for Pediatric Pathology fellowships. The ACGME's Review Committee for Pathology had previously sought recommendations regarding changes to the requirements, and a draft of the proposed requirements was released for commentary on the ACGME website (http://www.acgme.org ) shortly before the meeting. Since the hour allotted for the Committee meeting was not enough for a full discussion, the discussion continued on-line, using the Pediatric Pathology Fellowship Directors listserver. (Note: If you are a fellowship director and wish to be added to the fellowship directors listserver, contact Charles Timmons at Charles.Timmons@childrens.com for further information.) The Committee did not attempt to offer a unified statement but did collate the comments and send them along to the Review Committee for Pathology.

The Committee also took note of the fact that the ACGME has already released a revision of the Common Program Requirements, which apply to all residencies and fellowships. These mainly dwell on supervision of first year residents, which is not an issue for the fellowships.

Another issue the Committee has been following with great interest has been the attitude of the American Board of Pathology toward fetal autopsies. Having tried to settle the issue by defining an autopsy by the presence of an autopsy permit rather than by the age or size of the body, the Board quickly became dissatisfied with some of the fetal cases that were being submitted by residents for autopsy credit. There was concern on the part of the Board that a large number of fetal cases, especially those without pathologic findings beyond maceration, did not provide the trainees with the type of autopsy experience that the Board was seeking to generate through the requirements. (The Board did acknowledge, however, that a fetal autopsy performed with a pediatric pathology was likely to be more educational that one performed with a general pathologist.) Prior to the Spring meeting, the Board had announced that a policy on fetal autopsies would be forthcoming, and one was in fact released after the Board's August meeting - perfect timing for us to discuss it at the Fall 2011 meeting of the Fellowship Committee.

Among the ongoing projects of the Fellowship Committee is the preparation of a Pediatric Pathology Fellowship In-Service under the auspices of the ASCP. A working group consisting of Charles Timmons, Kim Hazard, Jason Jarzembowski, Samir Kahwash and Vivek Singh is writing questions, although submissions of questions are welcomed. If you would like to submit a question, contact Charles Timmons for a copy of the question submission form.

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