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President's Message

"This year has passed quickly and it is hard to believe the Spring Meeting and the end of my term as president is just a few weeks away. I hope to see many of you in San Antonio, where I'll have the pleasure of introducing Kurt Benirschke as the Farber-Landing lecturer. It should be a great talk." Click here for complete President's Message.

(last updated 2-15-11)

Perinatal Committee

"The new Ad Hoc Perinatal Committee met for the first time in Banff. The committee was created in the hopes of better coordination between the Perinatal Group as a whole and the society. I was asked to serve as chair, with additional members being the symposium directors (past, present and future) as well as representatives from the fellowship, practice and research committees who had an interest in perinatal pathology." Click here for complete Perinatal Committee report.

(last updated 2-15-11)

Research Committee

"The Research committee welcomes new members Drs. Stefan Kostadinov from Brown University, Sarah Keating from the University of Toronto, Michael Fritsch from Children's Memorial Hospital and 2011 fellow member Jefferson Terry from Harvard who will be joining us this Spring." Click here for complete Research Committee report.

(last updated 2-20-11)

Membership Committee

"Important goals of the Society are to increase the proportion of Junior members who make the transition to Regular membership when they finish training, and to increase the value of Society membership to all categories of members. Any suggestions along these lines would be most welcome." Click here for complete Membership Committee report.

(last updated 2-21-11)

Distinctions and Awards Committee

"Thirty two abstracts were presented at the SPP Fall meeting in Banff -16 platform presentations and 16 posters. Seventeen were presented by a trainee and were eligible for the Gordon F. Vawter Pathologist-in Training Award, 5 had Electron Microscopy or novel technologies and qualified for the Harry B. Neustein Memorial Award and 15 qualified for the Perinatal Award based on their content." Click here for complete Distinctions and Awards Committee report.

(last updated 2-22-11)

Fellowship Committee

"The Fellowship Committee meets twice each year, in conjunction with the spring and fall meetings of the Society for Pediatric Pathology. Although the Committee has an official membership, the meetings are open to any interested individuals, and in particular fellowship directors and fellows are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions." Click here for complete Fellowship Committee report.

(last updated 2-22-11)

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Committee

"The committee members conducted business by e mail and prepared a draft of by laws revisions as recommended by Council at the Spring 2010 meeting." Click here for complete Bylaws Committee report.

(last updated 2-23-11)

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