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President's Message

"Hard to believe it's almost six months since the spring meeting in sunny San Antonio occurred - with the fall meeting in Milwaukee just around the corner. There is a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make the Society meetings work as well as they do." Click here for complete President's Message.

(last updated 9-25-11)

Fellowship Committee

"The Fellowship Committee has continued to have "open meetings" so that program directors, fellows and any other interested parties can participate in the Committee's discussions." Click here for complete Fellowship Committee report.

(last updated 9-25-11)

Practice Committee

"The Practice Committee has been conducting surveys of various aspects of Pediatric Pathology practice, utilizing SurveyMonkey. After approval by the Executive Committee, the recently conducted cytology survey was submitted and accepted for publication by our journal." Click here for complete Practice Committee report.

(last updated 9-25-11)

Perinatal Committee

"The most exciting news for the committee and the Perinatal Group is the launch of the new Perinatal Web Page on the SPP web site." Click here for complete Perinatal Committee report.

(last updated 9-28-11)