Minutes from the 2012 Annual Business Meeting

  1. The Society President Dr. Kathleen Patterson grasped the talking stick and called the meeting to order at 5:16 p.m.
  2. Remembrances. There was a moment of silence for recently deceased Society members Drs. Thomas Blumenfeld and Eugene Perrin.
  3. Approval of prior meeting minutes. It was noted that the perinatal symposium dates were listed incorrectly in the draft presented for approval.

    Motioned, seconded, and carried (MSC): to approve the 2011 annual business meeting minutes as revised.

  4. IV. Reports from the standing committees
    1. Archives (Dr. Nina Tatevian)
      1. Archival material from stored boxes has been largely scanned.
      2. It has been determined that the scanning of old Perspectives articles for posting on the Society website is not feasible at present due to unresolved copyright issues.
    2. Awards (Dr. Brenda Waters)
      1. The Committee's "report" will be given tomorrow, in the form of the award presentation.
    3. Bylaws (Dr. Daphne DeMello)
      1. The Committee reviewed the categories of membership as outlined in the Society bylaws.
      2. The Committee will consider recommending a change in the requirements for emeritus membership.
    4. Education (Dr. Lisa Teot)
      1. Dr. Teot thanks the retiring members of the Education Committee.
      2. The fall meeting in Milwaukee received excellent reviews.
      3. Members were reminded of the deadline for slide survey subscriptions.
      4. It was noted that MOC/SAM credits may be obtained via the current meeting.
      5. Two new workshops will be offered at the present meeting:
        1. Rare pediatric tumors.
        2. Gestational trophoblastic disease.
      6. Two new workshops will be offered next year:
        1. Disorders of histiocytes.
        2. Frozen section diagnosis, with an emphasis on tumors of the central nervous system.
    5. Finance (Dr. Sarah Johnson-Welch)
      1. The Society's investments are doing fine.
      2. The proposed budget for the upcoming year is balanced.
      3. The Development Subcommittee has developed a campaign to solicit donations for the awards fund.
    6. Fellowship (Dr. Charles Timmons)
      1. Dr. Timmons thanked Dr. Vivek Singh for running the prior day's Fellowship Committee meeting.
      2. The Committee's fellowship guide will be submitted for publication in the immediate future.
      3. Pediatric pathology programs will be made optional participants in the Fellowship matching program. When surveyed by the American Board of Pathology, 81% of directors said they would be a part of the program.
      4. The pediatric pathology fellowship in-service examination (through ASCP) was prepared and will be administered for the first time in April, 2012.
    7. Publications (Dr. Cheryl Coffin)
      1. Perspectives -- volume 29 was just published.
      2. Website Subcommittee. This committee is now an ad hoc committee, no longer under the auspices of the Publication Committee.
      3. Editorial review. The Committee submitted recommendations to make the collaborative review and/or endorsement of papers by the Society a defined process.
      4. Dr. Coffin thanked outgoing Committee members Bruce Pawel and Hernan Correa, and she welcomed incoming chair Sharon Geaghan.
      5. Dr. Coffin thanked the Society's consultant Morna Conway for her help in negotiating a new contract with our journal publisher.
    8. Practice (Dr. Debra Heller)
      1. The Committee just finished a survey on reference laboratory utilization. This will be prepared as a letter to the editor.
      2. The Committee's next project remains to be determined.
    9. Research (Dr. Amy Heerema-McKenney)
      1. Dr. McKenney thanked outgoing committee members.
      2. The Society's Young Investigator Award went to Dr. U. Roy.
      3. Three McAdams travel awards were given -- all to trainees. Flyers publicizing the award will be distributed at USCAP this year.
    10. Strategic Planning (Dr. Linda Margraf)
      1. In addition to looking overall at the Society, the Committee would like to focus on:
        1. Website -- the Committee has suggestions for the new Ad Hoc Website Committee.
        2. Overall committee structure.
    11. Ad Hoc Perinatal Committee (Dr. Rebecca Baergen)
      1. The Committee will continue to arrange an informal slide seminar at future fall meetings.
      2. A call for cases for the slide seminar will be issued.
  5. Announcements
    1. Dr. Irene Sheimberg of the Paediatric Pathology Society announced that it was no longer possible for the PPS to host a joint meeting in the fall of 2014 in Rotterdam. She proposed instead that the meeting be held in London, just before the meeting of the European Pathology Society, also to be held in London in 2014. The audience voiced their approval of this locale. [Note: it was later determined that the joint SPP/PPS meeting will be held in Birmingham, UK.]
  6. Report of the Membership Committee (Dr. Theodore Pysher)
    1. The Society currently has 715 members.
    2. As a recruitment strategy, the Membership Committee will reach out to pediatric pathology ABP diplomates who are not current members and will contact program directors encouraging residents to apply.
    3. Dr. Pysher thanked retiring Committee member Dr. Mark Lovell and welcomed new member Dr. Kim Hazard.
  7. Election of Officers: Dr. Linda Margraf, the Chair of the Nominating Committee, announced the following slate of officers, recommended by the Nominating Committee, approved by Council, and already previously circulated to the membership:
    1. President-elect: Glenn Taylor
    2. Secretary-Treasurer: Sara Vargas
    3. Councilor-at-Large: Ona Faye-Petersen
    4. Councilor-at-Large: Charles Timmons

    MSC: The proposed slate of officers was approved.

  8. Notice of upcoming meetings.
    1. Houston, October 11-14, 2012. Dr. Karen Eldin described the meeting that will be hosted at the Texas Medical Center, including the scientific and social programs.
    2. Baltimore, spring 2013.
    3. Salt Lake City, September 27-30, 2013. Dr. Ted Pysher described the planned meeting.
  9. Installation of the President
    There being no further business, outgoing Councilors-at-Large Margaret Collins and John Hicks escorted incoming President Dr. Margraf to the podium, where she received the talking stick from Dr. Patterson. Dr. Margraf presented an appreciation plaque to Dr. Patterson and thanked her for her service as President.
  10. The meeting was adjourned by Dr. Margraf at 6 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Sara O. Vargas, M.D.
Secretary-Treasurer, Society for Pediatric Pathology

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