Perinatal Committee

The new Ad Hoc Perinatal Committee met for the first time in Banff. The committee was created in the hopes of better coordination between the Perinatal Group as a whole and the society. I was asked to serve as chair, with additional members being the symposium directors (past, present and future) as well as representatives from the fellowship, practice and research committees who had an interest in perinatal pathology. Many interesting ideas were presented at the last Perinatal Group meeting in Washington, D.C. First, a perinatal email list was created to send out information to all those in the society with an interest in perinatal pathology. It is constantly being updated, so if you haven't submitted your email address, please send to Another idea was having an informal slide review conference, without CME, in which people could bring interesting cases to discuss. Jim Wright agreed to have slides scanned and then set up a room and projector to review the cases. He even arranged to have refreshments. The informal slide conference was chaired by Leon Metlay and was considered by all to be a great success. Plans are to have this same type of conference at each interim meeting. Another suggestion was to increase the perinatal presence of the SPP website. To that end, the committee has submitted a proposal to have a place on the web where cases for the informal slide conference could be posted ahead of the interim meeting. The committee also discussed future symposia as well as the symposium on Fetal Hydrops which will be in the fall in Milwaukee with Mike Caplan as director. It was hard to find time for a Perinatal Section meeting in the busy SPP schedule for the San Antonio meeting but we were able to find a slot during lunch of Saturday, 2/26 from 12:15 to 1:15 pm. Unfortunately, time will be tight with regards to getting lunch, but I hope everyone will try and attend. The Perinatal Section meeting is open to all SPP members.

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