Perinatal Committee

The most exciting news for the committee and the Perinatal Group is the launch of the new Perinatal Web Page on the SPP web site ( Thanks to Rob Ruiz for his work in getting this web page together. Since the group wanted to encourage submission of more perinatal cases to the Slide Survey, we have posted instructions on how to submit a case and a color coded list of cases previously submitted. Also posted is a list of the topics of all the previous Perinatal Symposia. Another important news item is announcement of the informal Perinatal Slide Session that will take place at the Milwaukee meeting on Friday evening, Septener 30, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. It will be hosted by Dr. Mike Caplan with the assistance of Dr. Jason Jarzembowski. We have been able to post the case histories and virtual slides on the Perinatal Web Page so please visit the web site to review the materials before the session – all are welcome to attend. We should have plenty to discuss as 12 cases were submitted for the session. Thanks to those members who submitted cases. Committee members have also been working on the Perinatal Symposium for this year and beyond. Mike Caplan is the director for the Symposium at the fall meeting in Milwaukee which will take place on Sunday morning, October 2. The topic is fetal hydrops and it is shaping up to be an excellent program. Galen Schauer is currently working on the next Symposium in Houston in 2012 for which the topic will be metabolic diseases. With Carolyn Lane’s help we have also expanded our perinatal email list and put a “check box” for perinatal interest when new members join the SPP and when current members renew.

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