Perinatal Committee

The informal slide seminar in Milwaukee was again a success and it is hoped that a similar session can be scheduled for the interim meeting in Houston. Twelve cases were presented with Mike Caplan as moderator and lively audience participation. The annual Perinatal Symposium is scheduled for the interim meeting in Houston and will be on metabolic diseases with Galen Schauer as director. Future symposia are being planned and include "Developmental genetics of congenital anomalies" which is planned for Salt Lake City in 2013. The perinatal business meeting is set for Vancouver, on Saturday March 17 at 12:15 pm and I hope everyone can attend. The time is set for approximately an hour which should still give everyone a chance to grab some lunch before the next session. This meeting is essential for those interested in Perinatal Pathology and topics that will be discussed include the topics of future symposia, future symposium directors, organization of the informal slide seminar and collaborative research. Any suggestions for future activities of the division and/or committee are encouraged.

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