President's Message

Greetings from Seattle.

Hard to believe it's almost six months since the spring meeting in sunny San Antonio occurred - with the fall meeting in Milwaukee just around the corner. There is a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make the Society meetings work as well as they do. Special thanks to the now retired committee chairs: Maria Tsokos, Chair of Distinctions and Awards, Cyril D'Cruz, Chair of ByLaws, and Ona Marie Faye-Petersen, Chair of Education. The unknown number of hours of service you committed to the Society are very much appreciated.

I also extend a huge thank you to Lisa Teot and Heather Prashner who retired from their positions as CME and MOC coordinators. The requirements to maintain the SPP CME certification feel like a moving target. The efforts and dedication of Lisa and Ona (as Education Chair) kept us on track for a full 4 year CME re-certification awarded last summer. The torches for CME and MOC coordinator have now been passed to Sara Szabo and Eileen McKay with Lisa Teot taking on the role of Education Committee Chair. And starting this year we welcome the help of Candace Spardley, new Education Director at the USCAP central office. She comes with a wealth of CME experience and has already more than proven her worth.

I also want to thank all of you who retired from your tours of duty on the various SPP committees and to those of you who volunteered to become part of a committee. Without all of you working in the trenches the Society wouldn't be able to function. And if you're feeling left out, fear not, there will be an opportunity to volunteer for the openings on next year's committees later this fall/winter. Stay tuned.

Our Webpage continues to change and grow under the creative leadership of Rob Ruiz, our Webpage Editor. Rob has a plethora of ideas for the Webpage but, like the rest of us, only a limited amount of time he can devote to developing them. With the expanding role of the Webpage in our Society's activities, Rob would really like to get more active input from the various SPP committees to help with its development. To aid in achieving this goal we are requesting that each committee designate a member as their liaison to the Webpage. The liaison can help with the development and editing of committee related aspects of the Webpage. If this seems like a good fit for you, let your committee Chair know.

I grew up in Iowa, next door to Wisconsin. And I love to travel as those who know me, or attended the spring meeting banquet, can attest. So it is perhaps surprising that I have never visited Milwaukee, the home of the upcoming fall meeting. But the plans presented at the business meeting by Paula North opened my eyes to what I have missed so far and I am very much looking forward to this fall's meeting. The meeting agenda opens with a "companion" meeting of "Pathology Core Services - Biobanking, Virtual Microscopy, and Digital Image Analysis."

The meeting itself includes platform and poster presentation of the abstracts you submitted, a COG update on Pediatric Brain Tumors, and a symposium on Vascular Tumors and Malformations. As an additional incentive the Perinatal Group is offering a symposium on Fetal Hydrops (a continuing mystery in many cases). If the Milwaukee educational opportunities aren't enough, the program also includes a tour of the Harley-Davidson museum (I don't know if test rides are included). As a coup de grace visit the Milwaukee Art Museum website to get an image of the beautiful banquet site.

Please note that there will again be no paper handouts given at this meeting. The abstracts and symposium material will be placed on the website prior to the meeting. If you are registered you will be notified when they become available - a very good reason to register prior to the meeting. The Milwaukee group will also provide a jump drive to all meeting attendees that contain the handouts and Program Book. So come prepared for this new era (say I who rely on my young adult offspring to help me use the new home gadgets).

Hope to see you in Milwaukee!

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