Research Committee Update, 10/2012

The Research Committee and the Abstract Subcommittee worked together to review almost 70 abstracts for the recent fall meeting in Houston. Reviewers and attendees alike were thrilled with the high quality of research being performed by Society members. Start planning to submit your work for possible presentation at the 2013 Spring Meeting in Baltimore – online abstract submission will only be open from October 17 to November 16, so don't delay!

The Research Committee is also responsible for selecting the recipients of the SPP's Young Investigator and McAdams Short-Term Study Awards. The YI Award is a pilot grant designed to recognize promising early career scientists and support them in gathering preliminary data to bolster a larger grant application. The McAdams Award is dedicated to helping residents garner exposure to pediatric pathology through an away rotation, or allowing a practicing pathologist to gain expertise in a specialized technique or topic. The YI deadline is 2/4/2013, and McAdams applications are due 4/26/2013. Additional information about both grants is available on the website. Please consider applying or sponsoring a trainee for one of these awards!

We are working to improve the "Research" section of the SPP website by reorganizing the current content to include expanded lists of grants/funding opportunities relevant to pediatric pathologists, as well as disease-specific registries and resources.

Members of the Research Committee have also taken responsibility for the "Journal Watch" section at the bottom of the SPP homepage. Please take a look at this feature that has a monthly summary of the latest and hopefully greatest publications relevant to the world of pediatric pathology including AP, CP, and basic science topics. Most citations also have embedded hot links, so if the title interests you, a single click will take you to the PubMed reference and, from most academic institutions, you'll only be one more click away from the full-text article.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas about how the Research Committee can help promote scientific productivity within the Society. You can email me at jjarzemb@mcw.edu.

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