Summer 1997

From the Editor's Corner
dwina J. Popek, DO

Well, “Spring has sprung, Fall has fell and Summer’s here and it’s hot as — the devil. Some of you from the upper mid-west may be envious of our warmth because of your late spring, but I know that many of us are looking forward to the trip to Minneapolis in September just to cool off. Everyone should be excited about the Raffle to raise funds for the Young Investigators Research Grant. It was the brain child of Dr. Edith Hawkins. She arranged with each of the authors, editors and artist to donate their prizes. Please note that you can arrange to purchase tickets, even if you are unable to attend the interim meeting.

Dr. John Buchino has been at it again; fund raising, that is. He made an agreement with Bayer, to underwrite the Newsletter for the upcoming year. I think he may have a new calling, if things get really down and out with medicine, he should look into the Democratic National Committee, I understand that there may be a job opening soon.

President's Message
James E. Dimmick, M.D., FRCPC

If you believe medical laboratory restructuring is exclusively a U.S. event let me refute the notion. The same pressures exist in Canada and have propelled most major academic centers into substantial reorganization and in many instances “partnerships” with large private laboratories. In our own circumstance at the Childrens and Womens Health Centre of British Columbia (our new family name) our department reorganized four years ago into five programs from ten. Now, as the regionalization initiative of health care continues we in the Vancouver area are increasing our integration with the other major academic hospital laboratories by forming, we expect, a partnership to further reduce duplication in specialty laboratories and yet continue to support the clinical and research mandates unique to each hospital group. This sort of stuff is critically important to all of us but certainly intrudes into the time for practice and research in pediatric pathology. You may wish to take the opportunity to discuss these matters in an informal way in Minneapolis at the interim meeting. Those most heavily involved in department administration may want to arrange a few moments to talk outside the meeting schedule - may I suggest the bar! Personally, for a change in my activities, I am looking forward to the scientific and social events developed by Susan Simonton and her colleagues, which are so typical of our interim meetings. At the meeting, council and long term planning will meet together to bring closer to conclusion several of the initiatives that arose from the Houston planning session. These ad hoc initiatives are: the electronic media chaired by Paul Dickman; extracurricular educational events, by Joe Rutledge; practice committee ventures, by David Zwick, and membership plans by Tom Stocker and Virginia Baldwin.

The pediatric pathology presence is very evident in Japan thanks to the dedicated career of Dr. Kazuaki Misugi. Dr. Misugi recently retired as Professor and Head at Yokohama City University. To honor his retirement a pediatric pathology special conference was held in Yokohama. It was a pleasure to attend and present to Dr. Misugi a talking stick on behalf of the SPP and our department in Vancouver, which has a research exchange program with Yokohama. The meeting was attended by pediatric pathologists from major centers of Japan and by Drs. Derek deSa and Virginia Anderson. Pediatric pathology also was successfully promoted in Romania during a SAKOW/Humana Foundation sponsored conference attended by approximately 150 enthusiastic young pathologists (see elsewhere in this newsletter). Drs. Rutledge, Buchino, Patterson and Dimmick presented. Let me remind you of the imminent emergence of our new journal and request your support in achieving success.

Raffle to Be Held at the Intrim Meeting in Minneapolis
Drawing to be held at the Interim Meeting Banquet in Minneapolis
Saturday, September 27, 1997


FIVE, count them, FIVE great prizes!!!!!
Each autographed by the author, editor or artist

  • Coffin CM, Dehner LP, O’Shea PA. Pediatric Soft Tissue Tumors. Williams & Wilkins, 1997.
  • Gilbert-Barnes E (Editor). Potter’s Pathology of the Fetus and Infant Vol 1-2. Mosby, 1997.
  • Isaacs H. Tumors of the Fetus and Newborn. W.B. Saunders, 1997.
  • Parham DM (Editor). Pediatric Neoplasia, Morphology and Biology. Lippincott-Raven, 1996.
  • Weinberg AG. Original Watercolor Painting.

Tickets - 10$ for 1 or 3 for 25$
Do not have to be present to win.

If unable to attend meeting, tickets may be purchased from the National Office
by sending a check made out to the:

Society for Pediatric Pathology
6728 Old McLean Village Drive
McLean, VA 22101

Tickets not available by mail after September 13, 1997

Nominating Committee Seeks Suggestions for Society Officers

The Nominating Committee of the SPP is seeking your suggestions for candidates for the offices of (1) President-elect, (2) Secretary/Treasurer, and (3) At-large Council Members (two positions) to be elected at the annual meeting in Boston in February 1998. If you have suggestion for the committee for any or all of the above four positions, please send them to the Nominating Committee Chair, Tom Stocker. Please include a short paragraph indicating the qualities or experiences of the nominee that you feel would make them a good candidate. We are especially interested in those SPP members who have made significant contributions to the Society and/or to the field of Pediatric Pathology.

Mail , phone, FAX, or E-mail suggestions to:

J. Thomas Stocker, M.D.
Department of Pathology
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, MD 20814-4799
Phone: 301/295-3480
FAX: 301/295-1640


Honor to Previous Lotte Strauss Prize Winner

In an article from “The Scientist”, Dr. Shirley Driscoll brings to the attention of the SPP an article about Mark Greene, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Pennsylvania who was the first to receive the Lotte Strauss Prize from the SPP, presented at the Annual meeting in 1986 in New Orleans. Dr. Greene continues to have an impressive career in basic science but also finds the time to encourage high school and prebaccalaureate students into pursuing careers in basic sciences to combat what he perceives as a lack of “a sense of scholarship” in American Universities. He received a special Dean’s Award from the University of Pennsylvania for these efforts. He also serves as Vice Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and heads both the department’s Immunology Division and Center for Receptor Biology and Cell Growth. In 1991 he was named a John Guggenheim fellow and currently is the John Eckman Professor of Medical Sciences and Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. His major contributions to Pathology are in the study of the neu oncogene, and his more current work with antireceptor antibody therapy, that may have a role in the treatment of breast and pancreatic carcinoma. According to Dr. Driscoll—”We chose well-no?”

Pediatric Pathologists Travel to Romania

Drs. John Buchino, Joe Rutledge, Jim Dimmick and Kathy Patterson recently conducted a symposium on pediatric pathology in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The symposium was organized by SPP member Dr. Petre Florescu. Over 150 pathologists from throughout Romania attended the symposium. In addition, two pathologists from Slovinia and one from Bulgaria also attended. The symposium was held over a four day period (May 21st to May 24th) and included topics on new techniques, pathology of neoplasia, congenital defects and metabolic disease. Numerous case studies were also presented. The North America contingency was quite impressed by the level of knowledge of the attendees as well as their enthusiasm for learning new information. The Romanians proved to be extremely gracious hosts who conferred honorary membership in the Romanian Society for Pathological Anatomy on all faculty. The symposium ended with a festive dinner which Dr. Rutledge felt identified several candidates for PPC Knighthood. The symposium was made possible by generous grants from Surgical Aid to Children to the World and Humana.


Society for Pediatric Pathology Annual Meeting
Boston, MA
February 28 - March 1, 1998

Molecular Diagnostics: The Pediatric Pathologist’s Perspective - Director, Dr. Beverly Rogers


  • Fine Needle Aspiration in Pediatrics - Drs. Ricardo Drut and John Buchino
  • New Advances in Pediatric Muscle Pathology - Dr. Harvey B. Sarnat
  • Pediatric Bone Marrow Disorders - Dr. Lila Penchansky
  • Pediatric Surgical Neuropathology - Drs. Mark Cohen and Richard Prayson
  • Latrogenic Pathology in the Neonatal Period - Drs. Don Singer and Halit Pinar
  • Lung Biopsy Pathology - Dr. Claire Langston

    For additional information contact Dr. Claire Langston, Secretary-Treasurer, SPP, Department of Pathology, Texas Children’s Hospital, 6621 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77030

Nominations for the Lotte Strauss Prize

The Awards Committee would like to remind and encourage members of the Society to consider submitting nominations for the Lotte Strauss Prize for the Spring meeting in Boston. This award recognizes meritorious work by an individual 40 years of age or younger in a subject germane to pediatric pathology. The work to be recognized must be published (or accepted for publication) during the year preceding the annual meeting at which the award is presented. Submit four copies of the completed paper and four copies of the nominee’s curriculum vitae by January 1, 1998. Nominations (or inquires about the award) should be submitted to:

David Witte MD, Chair, Awards Committee,
Department of Pathology
Children’s Hospital Medical Center
3333 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229
Phone: (513) 636-4261
Fax: (513) 636-3924

Call for Applications for the A. James McAdams, MD
Short Term Study Stipend

The Society for Pediatric Pathology and Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati Ohio, has established the A. James McAdams, MD, Short Term Study Stipend. The purpose is to honor A. James McAdams, MD, by supporting and promoting opportunities for any member of the SPP or fellow in training in an accredited program in pediatric pathology and sponsored by a member of the SPP to learn specific investigative techniques not available at their institution. This opportunity may be used to learn and develop new research skills related to either clinical or laboratory investigations from experts within the Society or outside the Society. One annual award of up to $2,000 will be made to support travel and living expenses of a pediatric pathologist for up to one month. The application request should include the following:

  1. An abbreviated CV including name and current position, training, and/or professional experience, and brief description of current research interests and activities.
  2. A letter from the applicant's chief in support of the training experience.
  3. A letter from the chief or laboratory director at the institution that the applicant wants to visit indicating approval of the proposed training experience.
  4. A brief description (less than one-half typed page) of the type of training to be pursued and how it will promote the applicant’s investigative career in pediatric pathology.
Applications will be accepted up to September 26, 1997, with announcement of this year’s award at the Society for Pediatric Pathology Interim Meeting.

Interested parties should contact: David M. Parham, MD, Chair, SPP Research Committee, Chief of Pediatric Pathology, Arkansas Children's Hospital, 800 Marshall Street, Little Rock, AR 72202-3591

Position Available


The Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, is seeking an additional staff pathologist. Responsibilities will be primarily surgical and autopsy pathology. The applicant should be board certified in (or eligible for) anatomic pathology and pediatric pathology. Salary will be competitive, and commensurate with experience. Academic appointment available through Ohio State University, Department of Pathology. For additional information contact: Stephen J. Qualman, M.D., Chief of Laboratory Medicine, 700 Children’s Drive, Columbus, OH 43205; (614) 722-5310; FAX (614) 722-3508


The Children’s Hospital of Michigan, a growing, free standing constituent of the Detroit Medical Center, is seeking a third Pediatric Pathologist to complement its staff. The applicant should be board certified (or qualified in anatomic pathology, and pediatric pathology). Additional qualification in diagnostic renal pathology is desirable. Responsibilities are primarily diagnostic anatomic pathology service but include research appropriate to a university based Children’s Hospital Laboratory, and teaching in the Department of Pathology at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. The incumbent will be appointed to the Pathology faculty at an appropriate level. The Children’s Hospital of Michigan and the Wayne State University are equal opportunity employers. For further information contact: Joel Haas, M.D., Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Children’s Hospital Michigan, 3901 Beaubien Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48201, (313) 745-5315, FAX (313) 993-8754, E-mail:


The Division of Pathology, Children’s Hospital Research Foundation, Cincinnati, Ohio, has an open position for a pathologist (75% research, 25% service) with faculty appointment at the appropriate level in the Department of Pathology, University of Cincinnati, to expand a three person staff responsible for 7,000 surgicals plus 60 autopsies and pediatric pathology fellowship training (2 fellows). We invite inquiries from persons who have or would like to develop a strong research interest in normal or abnormal development and in a corresponding area of disease. AP or AP-CP certification by the American Board of Pathology is required. Preference will be given to candidates who have completed a pediatric pathology fellowship or have equivalent experience, Children’s Hospital Medical Center is an equal opportunity employer. For additional information please contact: Kevin E. Bove, Interim Director, Department of Pathology, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, 333 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039, (513) 636-4261, FAX (513) 636-3924, E-mail:

Future Pediatric Pathology Meetings

Future SPP Meetings

1997 - Interim Meeting, Minneapolis/St. Paul. MN September 26 - 28
1998 - Annual Meeting, Boston, MA February 28 - March 1
1998 - Interim Meeting, Toronto, ON Dates to be announced

Future USCAP Meetings

1998 - Boston, February 28-March 6
1999 - San Francisco, March 20-26
2000 - New Orleans, March 10-17
2001 - Atlanta, March 3-9
2002 - Chicago, February 23-March 1

The XXII International Congress of the IAP Nice, France
October 18-23, 1998

More information from Dr. Boccon-Gibod will be in future Newsletters.

Scientific Office, Congress information:

Secretariat IAP, French Division
32 cours Albert Thomas
69008 LYON, France
Phone: (33) 04 78 76 93 46
FAX: (33) 04 78 75 43 11

Scientific Committee, Pediatric Pathology program practical or personal information:

Department of Pediatric Pathology
Hopital d’Enfants Armand-Trousseau
26, avenue de Docteur Arnold Netter
75571 PARIS Cedex 12, France
Phone: 33(1)44 73 61 82
FAX: 33(1)44 73 62 82

PPS Annual Meetings

43rd Annual Meeting - September 11 - 13, 1997 Leeds UK
44th Annual Meeting - September 17 - 19, 1998 Lorient, France
45th Annual Meeting - to be announced, 1999 Belfast, Northern Ireland
46th Annual Meeting - to be announced, 2000 Edinburgh, Scotland
47th Annual Meeting - to be announced, 2001 Rome, Italy

IPPA Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology

1997, XIX Istanbul, Turkey. August 30- September 5.
FULLY BOOKED—WAITING LIST ONLY (Local organizer, Jean Keeling)
1998, Guidel, France, September 19-25. (Local organizer, F. Labbe).
1999, N. Ireland, Dates to be announced (Local organizers, D. O’Hara and C. Thornton)

Australian and New Zealand Pediatric Pathology Group
Australian and New Zealand Pediatric Pathology Group Singapore, October 6-9, 1997. For additional information, Dr. A. Bourne, Department of Histopathology, The Women’s and Children’s Hospital, 72 King William Road, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006, Australia, Tel: 8204 7318, FAX: 8204 7022, E-mail:

Sociedad LatinoAmericana de Patologia Pediatrica
Sociedad LatinoAmericana de Patologia Pediatrica, Panama, 1998. For additional information, Prof. Moises Espino Duran, Hospital Santa Fe 2o piso Consultorio No 15, Apartado 7444 Panama 5 Panama, Panama y Calle 3a No 12, Parque Lefevre 7444 Panama.

Pediatric Forensic Issues: Pathology, Diagnosis, Imaging and Investigation
The Institute for Pediatric Medical Education and the Society for Pediatric Pathology (SPP) will jointly sponsor a course on the pathology, diagnosis, imaging and investigation of pediatric forensic issues. The four day seminar will be held at the Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida from December 1 - 4, 1997 under the direction of Drs. Henry F. Krous, Tracey Corey Handy, and Roger W. Byard.

This course is designed primarily for general and pediatric pathologists but will be of interest to forensic pathologists/medical examiners, pediatricians, emergency room personnel, pediatric nurses, attorneys and law enforcement officials. Presentations will include discussions of scene investigations, child abuse, accidental, unnatural and natural causes of sudden death in infancy and childhood, poisoning and toxicology, concealment of birth infanticide, medical/legal importance of the placenta, DNA analysis in pediatric forensic pathology, and the “expert witness and court pitfalls.” the radiological aspects of non-accidental injury will also be discussed along with a discussion on how to establish a pediatric forensic medicine program. Daily case presentations will be used to involve the participants in “real life” situation. Faculty members include Drs. R. Alexander, R. W. Byard, M. Case, S. Cohle, G. J. Davis, M. Fierro, R. C. Froede, T. C. Handy, R. L. Hanzlick, C. G. Kaplan, P. Kleinma, and H. F. Krous. Course participants will also receive a 250 - 300 pages syllabus including conference presentations and case discussions.

This course, through the SPP, is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education (ACCME). The SPP certifies that this CME activity meets the criteria for 29 credit hours in category 1 for the Physician’s Recognition Award for the American Medical Association.

For further information, contact the Institute for Pediatric Medical Education, 6604 Landon Lane, Bethesda, MD 20817. Telephone and Fax: 301/229-8338.