Fall 1998

Interim Meeting Photos


Dr. Faisal Qureshi won the first draw and selected the coveted embryology
text donated by Dr. Bruce Beckwith.

Edith Hawkins, MD with Derek deSa who choose the original art donated by Rebecca Cornwell (Dr. Claire Langston's daughter) and Mrs. Anne Taylor.

Dr. Edith Hawkins with winner Dr. David Parham who selected
Dr. Cynthia Kaplan's Atlas of Gross Placental Pathology.

Many thanks to our Interim meeting hosts Glenn Taylor, MD and
Larry Becker, MD.

New Horizons in Cardiovascular Pathobiology Symposium presentors: Drs. Glenn Taylor, Lori J. West, Marlene Rabinovitch, (Dr. Greg Wilson in background) and moderator Dr. A. Gotlieb. Dr. Peter Liu, also presented but is not pictured. Also in background Drs. Derek deSa and Jeff Goldstein.

Nobody said that there was going to be a test, but here are Dr. Deb Perry, unidentified colleague and Dr. Susan Simonton who appear to be studying
for an upcoming exam. I hope that they passed.

Drs. Lila Penchansky and Daria Haust, looking "marvelous".

Dr. Bill Donnelly, with regards to the Stanley Cup.

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