Winter 1999

Photos from VIII Conferencia Latinoamericana
de Pathologia Pediatrica


Milton J. Finegold, Jan Goddard-Finegold, Cheryl Coffin and Ralph Topham (USA).

Deidre Devaney (Ireland), Denis Benjamin (USA), and Peter Nikkels (The Netherlands).

Ilana Ariel and her husband (Israel), Paul Dickman and wife (USA) and Annette Siegal (Israel).

Dagmar Kalousek (Canada), Tom Stocker President of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and Pat Stocker (USA), Bruce and Nancy Beckwith (USA), and Liliane Boccon-Gibod (France).

Gerald van Noort (The Netherlands), Roc Kaschula (South Africa), Jem Berry the European Editor of Pediatric and Developmental Pathology (UK), Catherine Neissman (France).

Nancy Beckwith, Lilian Boccon-Gibod (France) and Jun-Ichi Hata, who will host the IAP meeting in Japan in the year 2000 (Japan).

Entertainment by folk dancers (yes that's all real gold, and just the petticoat cost $1,000) during the (tarde tipica), a "typical afternoon" of food and drink. If that's typical, no wonder they need a siesta.

Ricardo Drut (Argentina), Lila Penchansky (USA, but you can tell she has Latin blood because she could sure move).

Edwina Popek (USA), Claire Langston (USA), Edith Hawkins (USA), back row; Ricardo Drut (Argentina), Maria Rodriguez (USA).

Boat trip to the Indian village (we took the one on the 
left -- not the dug-out canoe).

Women performing native dance, in typical clothing (Rated PG13).

Patricia Gil del Real de Cano, our hostess (Panama) 
showing us how the dancing is done.

Enid Gilbert-Barness adorned with a halo of hibiscus after the entertainment.

Derek and Rosemary de Sa relaxing after the boat trip and barbecue.

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