Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 1 -- 1973


Tracheobronchial Anomalies in Children
1-32, Landing BH and Wells TR

Mechanisms and defects of the phagocytic systems of defense against infection
33-116, Lynch MJ

Hereditary disorders of the kidney
117-188, Bernstein J and Kissane JM

Childhood nephritis
189-226, McAdams AJ, McEnery PT, Bove KE, and West CD

Congenital mesoblastic nephroma of infancy
227-250, Bolande RP

251-284, Newton WA Jr, and Hamoudi AB

Postsplenectomy Sepsis
285-312, Singer DB

Intrauterine rubella infection
313-338, Esterly JR and Oppenheimer EH

Coarctation of the aorta
339-368, Rosenberg HS

Electron microscopy in diagnostic pathology
369-392, Neustein HB