Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 3 -- 1976


Lethal short-limbed chondrodysplasia in early infancy

1-40, Yang S-S, Heidelberger KP, Brough AJ, Corbett DP, and Bernstein J

Cholestatic syndromes in infancy
41-84, Finegold MJ

Neonatal hepatocellular giant cell transformation
85-102, Montgomery CK and Ruebner BH

Metabolic cirrhoses of infancy and early childhood
103-144, Hardwick DF and Dimmick JE

Neoplasia of early life and its relationship to teratogenesis
145-184, Bolande RP

The nephroblastomatosis complex and its relationship to Wilms' tumor
185-224, Bove KE and McAdams AJ

Epithelial differentiation in Wilms' Tumor
225-254, Chatten J

Neoplasms associated with the Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
255-272, Sotelo-Avila C and Gooch WM III

The spectrum of ischemic bowel disease in the newborn
273-310, deSA DJ

Prenatal diagnosis and its pathologic confirmation
311-346, Persaud TVN