Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 4 -- 1978


Informations systems of the Body: Current concepts and speculations, with emphasis on genetic metabolic diseases

1-40, Landing BH

Perinatal brain damage
41-92, Norman MG

Cystic and congenital lung disease in the newborn
93-154, Stocker JT, Drake RM, and Madewell JE

Atherosclerosis in childhood
155-216, Haust MD

Hepatic tumors in the pediatric age group
217-268, Dehner LP

The fibromatoses of infancy and childhood
269-348, Rosenberg HS, Stenback WA, and Spjut HJ

Muscle disorders in the floppy child
349-386, Claireaux AE and Lake BD

An atlas of viral particles from human specimens
387-430, Yunis EJ, Agostini RM Jr, and Atchison RW

Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis
431-464, Salinas-Madrigal L, Artiles-Figuera C and Mota-Hernandez F

The hemolytic uremic syndrome of childhood
465-502, de Chadarevian J-P and Kaplan BS