Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 7 -- 1982


Founders of Pediatric Pathology Margaret G Smith

v-viii, Kissane JM

Malformed conceptions: The question should always be why
ix-xii, Kelly TE

Developmental and other pathologic changes in syndromes caused by chromosome abnormalities
1-64, Gilbert EF and Opitz JM

Diagnostic pathologic investigation of the malformed conceptus
65-108, Baldwin VJ, Kalousek DK, Dimmick JE, Applegarth DA, and Hardwick DF

The trisomy 9 syndrome
109-120, Carpenter BF and Tomkins DJ

Developmental aspects of twins, twinning and chimerism
121-136, Altshuler G

The endocrine pancreas of the neonate and infant
137-166, Jaffe R, Hashida Y, and Yunis EJ

Etiopathology of Diabetes mellitus
168-184, Jenson AB and Dobersen MJ

Bile duct paucity ("intrahepatic atresia")
185-202, Witzleben CL

Lung growth and development in late gestation and early postnatal life
203-236, Langston C and Thurlbeck WM

Chronic granulomatous disease of childhood
237-258, O'Shea PA

Childhood non-Hodgkin's lymphomas in current histologic perspective
259-278, Callihan TR and Berard CW

Round cell tumors in childhood
279-322, Triche TJ