Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 8 -- 1983 - 1986


Issue #1: Founders of Ped Path: Maud L Menten

5-8, George H Fetterman

Sacrococcygeal developmental abnormalities and tumors
9-56, Bale PM

The small intestinal mucosal biopsy in children
57-78, Variend S, Phillips AD, and Walker-Smith JA

Agenesis of the cloacal membrane
79-96, Robinson HL and Tross K

Issue #2 Founders of Ped Path: George H. Fetterman
98-100, Jeffrey D Hubbard

Ciliary dysmorphology
101-132, Pysher TJ and Neustein HB

Ultrastructural pathology of cilkia in the immobile cilia syndrome
133-162, Sturgess JM and Turner JAP

Bacterial diarrhea in infants and children
163-180, Buchino JJ, Suchy FJ and Snyder JW

Immunodeficiency as a factor in lymphomagenesis
181-191, Purtilo DT and Sakamoto K

Issue #3 Founders of Pediatric Pathology: William Donohue
195-198, Margaret Norman and Paul Symchych

The placenta in pregnancies complicated by diabetes mellitus
199-212, Singer DB

Congenital malformations in offspring of diabetes
213-222, Neave C

Infants of diabetic mothers
223-234, Morriss FH Jr

The classification and mechanisms of spontaneous abortion
235-268, Rushton DI

The morphology of ventricular septal defect
269-287, Anderson RH, Lenox CC, and Zuberbuhler, JR

Issue #4 Founders of Ped Path: Maude Abbott
291-294, F W Wiglesworth

Myocardial necrosis
295-312, deSa DJ and Donnelly WH

The postmortem examination of the abused child.
313-344, Norman MG, Smialek JE,Newman DE, and Horembala EJ

Single Umbilical Artery
345-378, Heifetz SA