Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 9 -- 1987


Founders of Pediatric Pathology: Ronald Melville Norman

1-3, Urich H and Norman MG

Pathology of Histiocytosis X
4-47, Jaffe R

Lymphohistiocytosis in childhood
48-74, Landing BH

The leukemias of childhood
75-132, Favara BE, Mierau GW, McCarthy RC, Waldstein G, and McGavran L

Pathology of childhood osteosarcoma
133-170, Carter JR and Abdul-Karim FW

Electron microscopy for diagnosis of tumors in children
171-213, Dickman PS

The contribution of tissue culture to the study of solid tumors of childhood
214-242, DeClerck YA and Neustein HB