Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 12 -- 1988


Founders of Pediatric Pathology: Sidney Farber
1-9, Gordon Vawter and Jonathan Cohen

Creative ideation and inquiry in developmental pathology
10-19, Bolande RP

Some problems in the meanings of terms, as exemplified by tubulointerstitial and medullary cystic diseases of the kidneys
20-43, Landing BH

Anatomic basis for tomographic analysis of the pediatric heart at autopsy
44-68, Ackerman DM and Edwards WD

The pathology of hearts with a univentricular atrioventricular connection
69-99, Ho SY, Zuberbuhler JR, and Anderson RH

Malformations of the cardiac infundibulum
100-114, Karczenski K

Double-chambered right ventricle
115-127<, Karczenski K

The syndrome of congenital absence of the pulmonary valve
128-138, Karczenski K

Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn
139-154, Patterson K, Kapur S, and Chandra R