Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 15 -- 1991

Volume Editors: A. Julian Garvin and Timothy O'Leary


Chapter 1.
Founders of Pediatric Pathology

Arthur T. Hertig Hazel Gore

Chapter 2.
Pediatric Pathology in the time of AIDS

Harvey Rosenberg

Chapter 3.
Pediatric molecular pathology

Timothy O'Leary and Cynthia Wright

Chapter 4.
Applications of DNA cytometry in pediatric pathology

Ted Gansler

Chapter 5.
Insulin-like growth factor production by pediatric solid tumors

A. Julian Garvin, Ted Gansler, William Gerald, Donald A. Sens

Chapter 6.
Hydatidiform moles and the use of flow cytometry in their diagnosis

Charles L. Hitchcock, Richard M. Conran, Joe L. Griffin

Chapter 7.
Quantitative methods in pediatric pathology: An overview with special consideration for developmental lesions of the kidney.

Karen Schmidt and Carlo Pesce

Chapter 8.
Molecular biology of rhabdomyosarcoma and PNET

Maria Tsokos