Perspectives in Pediatric Pathology

Volume 17 -- 1992

Volume Editors: MD Haust and BH Landing


Introduction: MD Haust and BH Landing

  1. Founders of Pediatric Pathology: Malcolm Fowler
    1-6, Rodney Carter
  2. Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses in childhood
    7-44, Rapola, J
  3. Pathology of Peroxisomal disorders
    45-98, Dimmick, James E and Applegarth, Derek A.
  4. Galactosemia. Clinical and pathologic features, tissue staining patterns with labeled galactose and galactosamine-binding lectins, and possible loci of nonenzymatic galactosylation.
    99-124, Landing BH, Ang SM, Villarreal-Engelhardt G, and Donnell GN
  5. Homocystinuria.Clinical and pathologic review, with emphasis on thrombotic features, including pulmonary artery thrombosis
    125-147, Lieberman E, Edward D. Gomperts, George N. Donnell, Kenneth N.F. Shaw, and Benjamin H. Landing
  6. Mucolipidoses
    148-184, Gilbert-Barness EF and Barness LA