Farber-Landing Lecture

Inaugurated in 1980 as the Sidney Farber Lecture, and renamed in 2002 as the Farber-Landing Lecture, this lecture is a tribute to two of the Society for Pediatric Pathology’s Founders, and is a highlight of the annual meeting. The lecture honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the understanding of diseases of children and pediatric pathology, or to child health advocacy. The Farber-Landing Lecturer is chosen by the Society’s president, in consultation with the Executive Committee, and is approved by the Executive Committee and Education Committee chairperson. Lecture topics are not necessarily scientific, but may also address historical perspectives, ethical, societal or political issues, and systems-based practice. The lecture is intended to help attendees to relate aspects of their practice to the broader contexts of recent advances in medical sciences or to child health within their respective communities and the world at large.

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