Fall Meeting Host and Symposium Selection Process

The Society of Pediatric Pathology (SPP) determines Fall Meeting site selections in conjunction with determining the symposia tied to the meeting, based on local institution expertise. In order to facilitate the process, the SPP has developed a Fall Meeting Host Proposal Form, that allows institutional representatives to propose a future Fall Meeting site and general symposium topic.

The form requests details regarding meeting venue and hotel accommodations, preferred food and beverage and audio/visual vendors, potential social events, and a venue for the Fall Banquet. Additionally, the form requests information on whether the meeting host will be providing any monetary support for the Fall Meeting. Finally, a brief description of the proposed topic/theme for the general symposium should be outlined.

If an institution/location is approved at that juncture, a comprehensive Symposium Proposal Form must be submitted for the general symposium and the organizers should work with the Perinatal Committee to put together a topic/theme for the perinatal symposium. For purposes of accredited CE compliance, both complete symposia proposal will be reviewed by the Education Committee.

Once the completed Fall Meeting Host Proposal form is submitted, the completed form is routed to the SPP Executive Committee for review and vetting. The Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for formal determination.

The SPP will notify the institutional representative when a Fall Meeting host has been approved. If there are competing institutions, the SPP will also inform other applicants, not selected, of the final determination with suggestions for alternate years or alternate venues/symposia topics, etc., for possible resubmission.

After the decision has been confirmed by both the SPP and applicant institution, SPP management will work directly with the venue/hotel and vendors to request, negotiate and execute contracts, as well as issue any required monetary deposits. The Education Committee will liaise with institutional representative(s) regarding submission/revision of the Symposium Proposal Form specific to the general symposium and perinatal symposium.