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Our Team | Welcome to the Stress, Pregnancy & Health Study
President - Linda Ernst, MD
President-Elect - M. Cristina Pacheco, MD
Past-President - Laura Finn, MD
Jefferson Terry | BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
Secretary - Jefferson Terry, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Treasurer - Chandra Krishnan, MD
Treasurer-Elect - Jennifer Black, MD

 Board of Directors

Bruce Pawel, MD (2024) 
Lisa Teot, MD (2024) 
Sara Vargas, MD (2024)
Fusun Gundogan, MD (2025)
Kyle Kurek, MD (2025)
Jennifer Picarsic, MD (2026)
Karen Chisholm, MD, PhD (2026)

Aliya Husain, MD (2027)
Amy McKenney, MD (2027)

Education Committee 
Lauren Parsons, MD (Chair, 2026) 
Amy Coffey, MD (2024)
Consolato Sergi, MD, PhD, MPH, FRCPC, FCAP 
Shirpa Garg, MD (2025)
Shahrazad Saab, MD (2025)
Larry Wang, MD, PhD (2026)
Nick Shillingford, MD (2027)
Kristen Thomas, MD (2027)
Heba Abdelal* (2024)
Workshop Subcommittee 
Shahrazad Saab, MD (Chair, 2027)  
Oscar Lopez-Nunez, MD (2026)
Sandy Cope-Yokoyama, MD (2026)
Kathryn McFadden, MD (2027)
Naseem Uddin, MD (2027)
Dina El Demellawy, MD, PhD (2027)
Sean Ricciardo, MD (2027)
Camilla Stefanovici, MD (2027)
Symposium Subcommittee 
Jiancong Liang, MD, PhD (Chair, 2024) 
Dehua Wang, MD (2026)
Lea Surrey, MD (2026)
Diana Corao-Uribe, MD (2027)
Melissa Gener, MD (2027)
Perinatal Subcommittee
Katte Carreon (Chair, 2028)
Rebecca Baegen, MD (Board Liaison, 2025)
Mana Parast, MD, PhD (2025)
Sanjita Revishankar, MD (2025)
Francois Cady, MD (2025)
Stefan Kostadinov, MD (2025)
Jessica Comstock, MD (2025)
Alysa Poulin, MD, PhD (2026)
Charlotte Kim, MD (2027)
Kerby Oberg, MD, PhD (2027)


Slide Survey Committee 
Bradford Siegele, MD, JD (Chair, 2025)
Jenna Bodmer (2026)
Caitlin Alexander, MD (2024)
Shannon Kelley, MD (2025)
Julie Fanburgh-Smith, MD (2026)
Anita Nagy (2026)
Athena Chen (2026)
Ali Saad, MD (2026)
Natalia Belova, MD (2027)
Jessenia Guerrero, MD (2027)
Robyn Reed, MD, PhD (2027)
Jose Velasquez-Vega, MD (2027)
Mikako Warren, MD (2027)
Robert Byrd, MD (2027)
Louis Samson, MD, FRCPC* (2024)

Research & Awards Committee 
Ben Wilkins, MD, PhD (Chair, 2026) 
Karen Chisholm, MD, PhD (Abstract Director, 2024)
Selene Koo, MD, PhD (Awards Director, 2025)
Terry Morgan, MD, PhD (2024)
William Parks, MD (2024) 
Serena Tan, MD (2024) 
Jennifer Pogoriler, MD, PhD (2025)
Michael Covinsky, MD, PhD (2025)
Claudia Salgado, MD, PhD (2026)
Dina El Demellawy, MD, PhD (2026)
Hao Wu, MD, PhD (2026)
Rachel Mariani, MD (2027)
John Hicks, MD (2027)
Archana Shenoy, MBBS (2027)
*Junior Member

Each committee member is required to complete a disclosure to identify any possible conflicts of interest. If a conflict exists, membership on the committee may need to be re-evaluated.

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