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The Pediatric Pathology Discourse Forum is the place to start a conversation about pediatric or perinatal pathology, ask for help with your cases or browse through the archives and learn what your colleagues are thinking.

The forum is open to any active or previously active pathologist who is interested in pediatric or perinatal pathology. We encourage all residents considering a career in pediatric pathology to join and participate. Fellows are strongly encouraged to join and become an active member of your pediatric pathology society.

Instructions for Using the Discourse Forum

To sign up, go to http://pedpath.discoursehosting.net/ and create an user account. The moderators of the forum will confirm your account and you will receive an activation e-mail. Once confirmed, you can post new topics, reply to older posts or browse the archives.

If you need assistance with using the forum or have questions, please e-mail Chandra Krishnan at [email protected].


The pediatric pathology discourse forum (aka forum) is a distinct service underwritten by the SPP, for the benefit of the greater pediatric pathology community. Its contents are generated by individuals who bear sole responsibility for the material and opinions rendered. The Society for Pediatric Pathology does not bear any responsibility or liability resulting from material posted therein. The Society for Pediatric Pathology shall not be held liable for any improper or incorrect use of the information described and/or contained therein and assumes no responsibility for anyone's use of that information. The forum discussions are intended for educational purposes only.